Hi, I’m Connie Herrick and I’m running for Piedmont City Council.


Welcome to VoteHerrick.com. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to go through my site: 


  • You’ll  learn a little bit about me and why I’m running.

  • You can book a Zoom chat. We can have a cup of coffee together and get to know each other.

  • And if you decide to support my campaign, you can download images to use on social media and posters you can print and put up in your window.


If I’m elected, I will support:


  • Building our new aquatic center.

  • Upgrading city infrastructure and retaining our high level of city services.

  • Ensuring our public safety, resiliency and readiness in case of emergency.

  • Continuing our steady transition to a fully green city through our Climate Action Plan.


I will practice sensible fiscal management, always looking for a maximum return on our property tax dollars.


And I will always support Black Lives Matter, diversity, inclusiveness, racial and gender equity, and treating each other with kindness and respect.


My campaign is going to run a bit differently. There will be:


  • No Donations

  • No Lawn Signs or Big Glossy Postcard Mailings

  • No Phone Calls asking for Your Endorsement


I just want you to vote. And to please get your ballot mailed in early.


If you do decide to vote for me, I will be very grateful and very honored to work for you and for our City.


Thank you for visiting VoteHerrick.com!

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