Hi, I’m Connie Herrick and I’m running for Piedmont City Council.

I’ve been talking with many of you and the question always comes up:


Why are you running?

Running for City Council was a decision I made more with my heart than my head. Living in unprecedented times has not been easy for any of us. Every day we face challenges to our health, safety and financial stability.


So I felt that If there was ever a time to step up, contribute and effect positive change, it was now.

We need thoughtful decisions backed by solid critical thinking skills to drive the progress of our City. Piedmont services and capital projects must be affordable for all our citizens, represent what the majority wants and strategically be what is best for the future of our City. 


I thought about the skills I’ve amassed over a 40 year career and realized that my financial expertise, operational experience and solution based project management approach would well serve our City.


And, as a longtime Piedmonter, I have an unwavering dedication to maximizing every dollar we pay in property taxes. 


Most of all, I have a strong desire to give back and a deep commitment to volunteerism and civic duty. That is the root of why I feel a strong pull to serve and run for office.

I promise to give voice to your vote and work diligently for the next 4 years as your City Council Member. 

Please vote and mail in your ballot early. Thank you!

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